100,000 health consultations conducted remotely using Modality OneConsultation since March

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Posted on: 16/07/2020

Average of 834 consultations a day now taking place since WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic on 11th March with Police also benefitting from service

Modality is pleased to announce that its OneConsultation service has played a crucial role during the outbreak of COVID -19 – enabling those in need of health support and victims of crime to receive convenient, secure virtual consultations.

Since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic in March, in the healthcare sector alone OneConsultation has supported 100,084 different consultations between clinicians, across 541 different services, serving 36,325 hours of video. It has handled an average of 834 calls per day with the average length of call 22 minutes.

At the start of the pandemic Modality announced that NHS Trusts, and care providers could use the service free of charge, with no obligation, for one month. Importantly, it committed to making the service live within 72 hours so that those in need could be offered access to healthcare expertise from their own device, without needing to leave their home.

OneConsultation is Modality System’s Azure-based virtual consultation software powered by Microsoft 365 technology. The fully managed Software-as-a-Service solution has been used by hundreds of healthcare providers, such as Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust  since 2018 to deliver convenient and secure remote consultations. However, since the start of the pandemic its use has been expanded to the police sector with Humberside Police being the first in the country to use it for victims of crime.

Critically, Modality responded to the requirements of customers during the pandemic launching additional key functionality to help organisations adapt quickly. For instance, Modality added an anonymous ‘group room’ function for hosting group meetings within OneConsultation to protect the identities of those taking part. This has helped organisations where group therapy is particularly beneficial.

Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (CNTW) deployed OneConsultation recently, Darren McKenna, its Infomatics Manager comments: “Modality responded immediately to our call and have worked responsively with us to accelerate rollout.  As the solution is cloud based running on the Microsoft Azure platform we are able to scale instantly to all of our teams and wards, so we can continue to provide services to our patients and enable our staff to work from anywhere providing expertise where and when it is needed across the huge area we cover.”

Nick Seagrave, Chief Technical Officer at Modality comments: “OneConsultation has always offered a convenient alternative for patients that would prefer not to travel for a face to face consultation. But since March, this has taken on a different dimension with there being no other option but to shift non-urgent consultations online. Reaching this milestone, and in particular witnessing the huge growth in video, tells us that the public increasingly feel comfortable with a virtual environment and we expect this trend to continue and branch out to other services in the same way that is has for the NHS and police.”

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