5 ways CustomInvite will improve your video conferencing experience

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Posted on: 24/09/2019

As businesses become increasingly globalized, many IT leaders find themselves looking for ways to improve collaboration across dispersed workforces. Video conferencing plays an important part in this, with 87% more people using video communications today than 2 years ago (No Jitter).

Our award-winning software CustomInvite extends the capabilities of Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business video meetings by giving you full control over the content of your invites – making it easier for employees, partners and customers to join from anywhere, on any device.

Here are the top five ways CustomInvite will improve your video conferencing experience:

  1. Customize your invite messaging
    CustomInvite enables you to customize the text within your meeting invitations and remove information that doesn’t apply to recipients. It’s also a simpler process for the meeting organizer. Once your templates are created, there is no extra work involved.
  2. Enable one-click to join
    Say goodbye to confusion over how to dial-in to a meeting. CustomInvite allows you to display the numbers and details you want your participants to use. This includes one-click access for mobile users, video room systems and web browsers, alongside phone numbers by country. Whether a user is joining from office headquarters or remotely, they will have clear options and instructions.
  3. Support the transition to Microsoft Teams
    For businesses migrating from Skype for Business to Teams, CustomInvite will help to guide new users and external guests. It removes any uncertainty about how to join the meeting by maintaining a consistent user experience and keeping company branding prominent.
  4. Provide straight forward access for video conferencing rooms
    Dialing in to a Teams or Skype meeting from an in-room system often poses technical difficulties – taking up valuable time. CustomInvite removes this hassle by clearly providing the meeting ID and H323 code required.
  5. Language is not a barrier
    Our highly skilled team are experts at creating customized templates for businesses all over the world, so there is a wealth of language options.
    Once a template is created in the chosen language, there will be no more input required from the meeting organizer.


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