CreateTeam: Creating Microsoft Teams Success

Posted on: 17/02/2020

CreateTeam is here! The App has been carefully developed by Modality to regulate how a team and its credentials are created to ensure governance and compliance within Microsoft Teams. In part 1 of 4 blogs, we give you an overview of CreateTeam and why you should consider it in your organization.

Microsoft invests approximately $1 billion annually in their security portfolio, prioritizing providing consumers with secure and reliable solutions that are supported by over 3500 security experts across the globe. In particular, solutions such as Microsoft Teams remain a key area of focus in this area due to its 20 million daily users, and Microsoft has developed a comprehensive built-in security feature set to support the platform. However, as user numbers grow and customer requirements evolve in complexity, how can security be enhanced using additional software and solutions?

Regulating Everything your Employees do can be a Challenge

Organizations using Microsoft Teams will be aware of its vast collaboration benefits, however, managing this environment can be difficult when there are adoption, governance, and compliance considerations across often disparate teams. Whether it’s due to lack of technical resources or cultural challenges, organizations commonly experience problems with sprawl, data-containment, and efficient functionality of the Microsoft Teams environment.

CreateTeam: Supporting your Business, your Team, and You

Modality CreateTeam addresses these challenges and enhances security by defining how individual teams are created and who can create them. Delivered via a simple App contained within Microsoft Teams, it helps users manage the entire lifecycle of teams to ensure best practice, adoption, and optimum governance and security. At the same time, CreateTeam provides a standardized approach to creation, whilst maintaining the self-service flexibility that Microsoft Teams has to offer. This automated approach is powered by Microsoft Graph API and Azure AD for a completely secure Microsoft environment.

Benefits for your organization include:

  • Maintaining GDPR compliance by reducing the sprawl of sensitive information
  • Promotes adoption via a simple to use App contained in Teams
  • Retains self-service workflows
  • Minimizes IT involvement so your internal IT teams can focus on strategic projects


We’ll explain more about how CreateTeam forms a vital part of the lifecycle management of Teams with our next blog – “Effective lifecycle management in Microsoft Teams” next week.

If you’d like to know more information on CreateTeam or to book a complimentary demonstration, please contact

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