CreateTeam for Microsoft Teams Governance and Security

Posted on: 10/03/2020

In the final installment of our CreateTeam Blog series, we examine why CreateTeam is essential to organizations that wish to empower their users to improve collaboration whilst retaining the right amount of control and governance within Microsoft Teams.

For organizations using Microsoft Teams, encouraging collaboration and innovation within the confines of adherence to governance and security policies can be a tricky balance to strike. While the self-service nature of the platform can empower users to proactively achieve great results, it can also pose risks around data sharing, work duplication and an environment too noisy to manage. How can IT leaders ensure the safety and security of their company’s data without seeming to stifle users’ freedom and creativity?

CreateTeam, one of Modality’s Teamwork Analytics modules, helps to resolve potential security and governance issues during the initial team creation, resulting in almost automatic adherence to organizational policies and best practices:


  • Promotes security – having too many teams can result in data sprawl. CreateTeam helps ensure that sensitive data remains in just one team whilst controlling guest access for GDPR compliance.
  • A strategic investment – CreateTeam reduces demands on IT support by managing and automating team creation, allowing more focus on strategic projects instead of governance.
  • Enhances collaboration – by removing duplication of teams within an organization, CreateTeam eliminates disparate and segregated working as users are encouraged to collaborate and communicate in one team.
  • Allows flexibility – organizations can build individual templates for each team created, including multiple channels with associated tabs, apps, and files.

With so many potential governance and security issues covered upfront, users are quickly set up to collaborate without putting any data, or the organization at risk.


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