Keeping our business working, now we are ALL at home

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Posted on: 19/03/2020

Modality have this week been operating successfully with 90%+ of all employees in our global business working from home, as from today this will be 100%.

As governments around the world continue to urge people to from home, we wanted to share some practical thoughts on how to keep our businesses productive, supportive, and engaged.

Please see below a note we shared with our employees earlier this week. We hope in some small way this is of help to other businesses also adjusting to these new challenges:

  • Be ultra-flexible – homeworking used to often be called flexible working and I urge everyone to be at their most flexible. Many of us now need to take extra care of loved ones, shop for those who are isolated, look after those children unable to attend school, nursery, or clubs. Therefore, standard hours will not work for everyone, let’s help each other get what needs to be done, done.
  • Stay engaged – just because we can’t walk up to someone’s desk for an update or have that lovely coffee machine catch-up doesn’t mean we cannot engage informally with one another. Use chat, call people, turn the video on, share your screen, use your digital whiteboard, let’s stay super engaged. We have already introduced e-coffee breaks and fun team groups, but there is lots more to come.
  • Find some workspace – try to find somewhere to work that is a bit quieter and gives you the space you need to get your work done. However, there is likely to be more noise at home, never underestimate the power of the mute button! You may also wish to blur or change your background.
  • Make the most of our Microsoft technology – let’s continue to enjoy the many benefits of Teams and Yammer as we virtually connect our global organization. Let’s demonstrate the power of Modality when people and technology operate as one!
  • Trust each other – for many this will be a new way of working, we trust you to do your best, work as hard as you always have done. Let’s be responsive and be at our best at all-times.
  • Share good news – use chat, email, Teams, Yammer – whatever, to share wide and far those good news stories that make us all smile, and at times, laugh.
  • Keep on top of our KPI’s – each team knows the key metrics that drive our business success, stay close to them and work together to deliver our KPI’s.
  • Be patient and help – from time to time we will react badly as a result of the difficult environment we are in, be patient and tolerant of one another. Reach out to one another and offer help to those that need it as we juggle our moving priorities and increased demand.
  • React quickly – our customers are also facing huge challenges so react quickly and decisively to offer the help they need, when they need it most.
  • Live our values – United, Honest, Adaptable, Brave and Driven this is how we at Modality live our business life.

Take care of one another.

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