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Release notes

CustomInvite 3.11

Updated the way CustomInvite detects the Skype for Business online default PSTN number following a change to the way in which this number is formatted.

Fixed a known issue so more than 3 optional attendees can now be added to a Teams meeting

Modified join experience via the join URL in the Outlook calendar invitation so it supports native Teams and Skype for Business behaviour.

Added support for users who create Teams meetings with CVI service but have no PSTN dial in enabled.

Update to region finder regex for Skype for Business server meetings.

CustomInvite identifier removed from the end of the Join Skype Meeting URL. This fixes the issue where clicking the Join Skype Meeting URL always launched the Skype for Business web browser.

Region finder regex value removed from local machine registry to improve performance.

Updated functionality in identifying Teams Cloud Video Interop provider.

Support for all Cloud Video Interop providers including Pexip, Polycom and BlueJeans.

Ability to add custom text and the conference ID to the Teams and Skype for Business location field in the Outlook meeting invitation.

Launch of new version to support Microsoft Teams meetings, HTML templates and improved performance.

Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

We have improved the way in which CustomInvite reformats the standard Skype for Business meeting information.

We have added a new feature which enables you to include a single click join link in the location field of the Skype for Business meeting invitation.

Fixes issue where CustomInvite fails if Skype for Business is closed and re-opened whilst Outlook is still running.

Fixes issue where local contact groups are removed from the meeting where multiple groups are used.

New logic regarding reformatting of Skype for Business meetings that have been migrated to Skype for Business online

Fix for the bug causing multiple versions of the formatted online meeting join details being populated into a Skype for Business meeting invitation when using the Scheduling Assistant tool.

Performance and resilience enhancements when processing default and custom hyperlinks.

Fixed issue regarding custom tags being flagged by spell check.

Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

New feature to support reformatting of the meeting invitation when the invitation is not in the foreground.

General bug fixes and performance improvements.

Minor bug fixes and performance improvements when loading in Outlook.

Minor bug fixes.

General bug fixes and performance issues when switching between public and private Skype for Business meetings.

New feature allowing intelligent distribution of ACP details dependent on the provider.

Four new standard templates.

Performance improvements around reformatting meeting details.

New error handling features for enterprise deployment.

Support added for Japan Language Pack

New features supporting InterCall Alt ID, Security Pin and other conference additions.

Minor bug fixes.

Fix for missing links when looking for local number.

Fixes for Office 365 Schema updates – allows use of VOIP only invites.

Fixes for Office365 Schema updates – allows use of 0365 accounts for CustomInvite.

2.8 and 2.9
Engineering builds – internal testing only.

Implemented new features to support wider video use cases:

ConferenceSipURI – the SIP URL of the meeting.

User – the username of the host.

S4Bid – the unique meeting ID generated by Skype (not passcode).

Engineering build – internal testing only.

Implemented new features to support InterCall on-premise conferencing service.

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