How to land on the Cloud safely with a Secure Landing Zone strategy

October 08, 2020
10:00 am - 10:30 am

Following Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework and considering people, processes, and technology, Modality’s Secure Landing Zone should not only be the start of your journey into the Cloud, but a continually evolving core component of your infrastructure. A well-defined strategy helps organisations to adopt Azure with confidence, control and should optimise the flexibility and agility of the platform. However, lack of planning can lead to longer migration cycles, cross-team dependencies, and higher operational costs.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

As a Cloud-first leading Microsoft Gold partner with in-depth knowledge of Azure Cloud strategy, deployment, and management, Modality Systems know that the devil is in the detail when building a successful Secure Landing Zone strategy. But where do you start? Join us for our expert-led webinar where we will explore the fundamental elements to consider when planning a move to Azure with Secure Landing Zones.

What you will learn from our expert-led webinar

  • How to create a solid business case for Cloud adoption and Secure Landing Zones
  • Understanding your motivations and dealing with business-critical elements such as compliance, budgets and infrastructure
  • How to evaluate operational and cultural readiness as part of your Cloud strategy
  • How to build your Cloud strategy using Secure Landing Zones – Where are you now vs. where do you want to be?

Microsoft Guest Speakers

Sergio Carrilho Technology Strategist & Public Speaker at Microsoft UK
Sergio works to Empower Business Strategies through Technology and Forward Thinking building on his tenured and diversified career in IT. He’s very passionate about driving better understanding and adoption of the most advanced technologies while helping to build innovative solutions and strengthening trustworthy relationships along the way.

Luke FussellCloud Solution Architect (CSA) at Microsoft UK
Luke is an Apps and Infrastructure CSA working with Microsoft partners to develop Azure platform capability and solutions. Focussing on enabling modern deployment and migration services built to best practice through Cloud Adoption Framework, governance and automation tools.

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As a Cloud-first leading Microsoft Gold partner with in-depth knowledge of Azure deployment and management, Modality Systems understands how to future-proof businesses with Secure Landing Zones. But what are they and how can they be used to support an effective operational and governance model aligned to an organisation’s objectives? To find out, join us for our expert-led webinar where we will explore what a Secure Landing Zone is and the benefits for your organisation.

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Matt McEvoy

Chief Azure Architecture at Modality

About speaker
An enterprise architect with over 15 years of experience across a multitude of industries, Matt is instrumental in increasing businesses capabilities through Cloud adoption, innovation and modernisation. Leading Modality’s entire Cloud strategy, Matt is an expert in the design and delivery of cost - effective, high-performance Cloud environments and applications to address complex business problems and transform the way organisations work.

Matthew O'Connor

Cloud Specialist at Modality

About speaker
With over 10 years of experience, Matt is a passionate Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Teams collaboration specialist who has been instrumental in building Modality’s Azure Cloud and Microsoft 365 practice. With extensive knowledge of the current challenges facing today’s organisations in the Modern Workplace, he is a customer-centric professional with a passion for working with organisations to deliver Cloud strategies and drive innovation.