Accelerate your Journey to the Cloud with Microsoft-funded Workshops

Enable success, envision the possibilities, and harness more opportunities with Microsoft 365

No matter where your business is in its journey to the Cloud, make the most of these fully customisable Microsoft-funded workshops*, brought to you by Microsoft and Modality.

Whether you need to get your user-base working remotely, ensure you have a secure and compliant environment to protect against cyber attacks, or you are looking to increase overall productivity and communication within your workforce, there is a workshop here to help you craft an effective strategy and plan next steps.

* Subject to eligibility and Microsoft approval, the workshop will be free of charge.

Secure Work from Anywhere Workshop

Over two days, we will discuss the most critical steps for remote work, and the scenarios available within Microsoft 365 to enable your employees to be productive and secure wherever they may be.

You’ll envision priority scenarios to enable secure work from anywhere and leave with concrete activation plans for successful deployment and adoption.

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Security, Compliance, Identity & Endpoint Workshops

The Security, Compliance, Identity and Endpoint Workshops are designed to work hand in hand, to provide effective discussion about your baseline and advanced security and compliance strategy, priorities, initiatives, and key influences.

Security Workshop

This three-day workshop aims to help you better understand, prioritise, and mitigate potential threats. Based on the recommendations of Microsoft cybersecurity experts, the Microsoft Security Workshop will help you develop a strategic plan for your organisation.

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Compliance Workshop

Designed to provide you with an example of compliance risks in the data contained within your Modern Work environment. The Compliance Workshop: Data Risk Management will help you discover and classify your data and realise ways to remediate compliance risks through Microsoft 365 E5-associated technologies.

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Identity Workshop

We will help you assess the maturity of your identity estate using Secure Score and application discovery tools, to give you valuable business insight. By assisting you in defining your next steps, we will provide guidance on the best ways to mitigate any potential risks and improved migration and governance.

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Endpoint Management Workshop

In this three-day workshop, you’ll discover the best ways to manage endpoints at business level – without compromising IT security – as we provide you with the ability to protect your authorised users’ identities so you can authenticate credentials and manage access, all whilst still giving users the freedom to collaborate with others.

Learn how to enable productivity amongst your workforce, without compromising IT security. The Endpoint Management Workshop is a three-day engagement that will show you how to manage your users’ devices, apps, and identities from anywhere, securely.

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Microsoft Teams Workshops

Unlock the power of Microsoft Teams as the single hub for teamwork. Do you want to be more efficient and productive with your meetings? Streamline your workflows using technologies built on enterprise-grade security and compliance capabilities? Then look no further.

Calling Workshop

We can help you experience Microsoft Teams Calling with Phone System capabilities and advanced communication scenarios through this in-person or virtual workshop. By evaluating your current telephony and PBX needs, we will demonstrate how Microsoft Teams can be a viable solution to your telephony system.

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Meetings & Meeting Rooms Workshop

The Meetings & Meeting Rooms Workshop is a modular session to identify and understand business priorities, while focusing on specific scenarios that drive meetings culture transformation. From an evaluation of your current meeting and meeting rooms capabilities to immersive Teams experiences, we will leave you with actionable recommendations to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams Meetings and Meeting Rooms.

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Apps & Solutions Workshop

This customised workshop will allow you to experience a tailored Teams hub that features custom-built collaborative apps, process automation tools, and an integration of current third-party and line-of-business apps. The Apps & Solutions Workshop will not only help you rethink productivity and drive business outcomes, but allow you to maximise the value of Microsoft Teams for your organisation.

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