Microsoft Azure

90% of Fortune 500 companies put Azure’s cutting-edge cloud services at the heart of their business

Modality makes Azure adoption secure, simple and seamless

Enabling businesses to build, deploy and manage applications across a global network, Azure utilises a combination of hybrid, public and private capabilities, allowing businesses to tailor their cloud deployment to specific requirements. In addition, Azure integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products such as Office 365, Outlook and SharePoint, allowing enterprises to leverage the familiar tools and technologies they trust most.

Your partner of choice for Microsoft Azure

Modality is a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner, recognised as a leading Azure provider with deep knowledge of cloud strategy, platform deployment and ongoing management. Our provision includes migration assessments, deployment plans and cloud optimisation, ensuring the best performance from your infrastructure. We keep ahead of the latest Azure developments from Microsoft so that our customers can adopt best practice, enable innovation and future-proof their businesses.

All of this is underpinned by our unique Secure by Design approach, providing a safe landing zone to host workloads in Azure. We achieve this by incorporating built-in layers of security across your Azure and Office 365 platforms, helping you rapidly detect threats and reduce exposure to attacks for complete confidence in your data security. We also offer a 24×7 Azure Managed Service designed to extend your operational capability and help you get the most from your deployment.

Azure Cloud Journey

Modality can help to define your requirements and drive value on your Azure journey, providing best practice, documentation and the tools you need to achieve your objectives.

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Azure SQL Specialists

From regular databases to serverless and hyperscale, Modality is well versed in Azure SQL optimisatio and will ensure you have the right solution for your database needs.

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Azure Cost Optimisation

Modality can support you to track resource usage and manage costs across all your Azure workloads, providing you with maximum visibility and greater ROI.

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Secure Landing Zones

Modality’s Secure Landing Zones provide controls that help you establish a compliant place to build new workloads or migrate existing workloads to the cloud.

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App Modernisation

At Modality, our application modernisation process analyses your existing applications to uncover modernisation opportunities using the Azure cloud.

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Azure Managed Services

Cloud Care is Modality’s bespoke 24×7 Microsoft Azure Managed Service designed to extend and enhance the capability of your operational teams.

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