App Modernisation to deliver value, fast

Turn legacy systems into an asset and create a solid foundation for developing applications

The perfect formula for an agile and strategic approach to Application Modernisation

When it comes to app modernisation, there are far superior options available beyond a simple ‘lift and shift’ into Microsoft Azure. At Modality, our application modernisation process analyses your existing applications to uncover opportunities for modernising them using the Azure cloud.

Moving away from monolithic applications and towards Azure technologies such as microservices, serverless, and Platform as a Service (PaaS) can provide a number of benefits; from improved performance, resilience and security, to reductions in cost and greater ROI. In addition, app modernisation can support your business to improve agility, mobility, app security, compliance, and data governance.

Our experienced and skilled technical teams can help your organisation to deploy faster using the Azure DevOps suite of tools and services, as well as innovating to maximise the value of Azure.

App Modernisation: Key Features and Benefits


Remain agile to change with modernised applications and processes in an ever-changing market.


Utilise intelligent cloud and technologies such as AI and ML to allow for rapid innovation.


Scale up and down globally as organisational or customer demand requires.


Keep your apps going with high availability, continuous service, and data resiliency.


Ensure end to end security with built in controls and threat intelligence.

Operational Excellence

Ensure optimised operations with the best of Microsoft Azure DevOps.

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