Azure Cost Optimisation

Identify and remediate unnecessary spend and underutilised resources to maximise your Azure 

Cost optimisation made easy when you scale and save

Microsoft Azure can provide organisations with huge benefits with its agile operations, but this agility can lead to excess spending if you’re not careful. At Modality, we can provide Azure cost audits and ongoing Azure spend optimisation services to ensure you’re getting the most from your investment, without overspending.

Azure Cost Optimisation allows you to benefit from cost savings based on real-time operational requirements. There are several ways to optimise your spend, which can often lead to significant savings, from reserved instances and right sizing to removing unused resources and serverless technologies.

We can also support you to track resource usage and manage costs across all your Azure workloads, providing you with maximum visibility and value to deliver improved ROI and efficiency. Our teams can also implement governance policies for effective enterprise cost management, and increase accountability with budgets, cost allocation and chargebacks.

Microsoft Azure Cost Optimisation: Key Features and Benefits

Cost Clarity

Understand your Azure spend by workload and organisational unit or projects.

Cost Alerting

Create guardrails with cloud governance to ensure operational compliance and a safe path throughout your cloud journey.

Cost Forecasting

Monitor changes in usage or behaviour to establish whether they are going to have an impact on cost.

Spend Optimisation

Remove unused resources, right size, and choose cost optimal technologies.

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