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Enhance your workloads and cut your costs with Azure SQL optimisation

Microsoft SQL is at the core of many business processes and applications, working in collaboration with other tools and services to provide powerful and secure systems for your organisation. With many new options available, Microsoft Azure offers the best in performance, resiliency and cost when it comes to SQL.

Azure SQL uses built-in intelligence to learn your specific database patterns, tailoring your database for maximised protection and performance, as well as ensuring you benefit from improved productivity and efficiency.

As Microsoft specialists, Modality is well versed in Azure SQL optimisation. From regular databases to serverless and hyper-scale, we ensure you have the right solution for your database needs. With the experience of supporting numerous businesses in their database move to Azure, it has become clear that there are significant savings and performance gains to be had when moving SQL databases to Azure.

Microsoft Azure SQL Specialists: Key Features and Benefits


Our SQL Server consultancy services cover every aspect of database management, including installations, migrations, licensing, performance optimisation and more.

Performance Monitoring & Tuning

Experience, knowledge, and the right tools to proactively monitor and interpret data to get to the root cause of a database performance problem.

Health Checks

Health Checks are vital for a high-performing environment, displaying recurring errors or outdated applications that could turn into larger issues for your IT teams if left alone.

Patching & Upgrades

Our best practices have been refined over many years of practical experience, so we can mitigate as much risk as possible and ensure all appropriate preparation is undertaken.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Ensuring good recoverability requires having the right strategy, the most suitable tools, and the ability to deploy these tools in the most appropriate configuration.

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