Innovate and build with Secure Landing Zones

Secure Landing Zones built from the ground up to keep Azure optimised and fully protected

Out of the box security and compliance without lengthy implementation periods

Designed to enable cloud adoption and set you up for Microsoft Azure success, landing zones provide controls that help you establish a compliant place to innovate and build new workloads or migrate existing workloads to the cloud.

At Modality, our Secure Landing Zones (SLZ) support one or more of your workloads through dedicated segments of your Azure cloud environment, provisioned through code. SLZ’s are purpose-built by our experienced teams to support your adoption strategy, ensuring you have a tailored plan that suits the needs of your business.

Secure Landing Zones create consistency in the shared architectural pillars of security, reliability, performance, cost, and cloud operations. As a result, this reduces the overhead required to maintain operations, governance, and compliance across Microsoft Azure.

Secure Landing Zones: Key Features and Benefits

Secure by Design

Security at the core of Modality’s landing zone design.

Reduce Architectural Complexity

Reduce complexity and spend by deploying standard models.

Shared Services

Leverage shared services for maximum cloud efficiency.


Ensure your project starts with compliance in mind from day one.

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