Modern Workplace

Technology designed to enhance collaboration and productivity for the workplace of tomorrow

Empowering your workforce, anywhere

Times have changed. Work is no longer a physical location, but an activity completed at home, in a coffee shop, an airport lounge, or on the go. Organisations need to empower their employees to work in entirely new ways wherever they are, utilising the latest technologies to inspire new levels of collaboration and productivity whilst maintaining organisational security.

We have the tools and expertise to keep your teams productive, collaborative, and secure, whether they are in the office or working remotely. In addition, we can offer end-to-end project support that is fundamental in encouraging widespread user adoption and success.

We have helped over 1 million global users to increase productivity using Microsoft Teams if you would like a complimentary consultation to discuss how we can help you, get in touch.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the productivity cloud that brings together Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, offering best-in-class Office apps, device management and advanced security.

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Microsoft Teams

Trusted by 91 Fortune 500 companies, Microsoft Teams is the hub for collaboration in Microsoft 365, combining chat functionality, video conferencing, file sharing and integration with Office 365 apps.

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Contact Centres

In partnership with Enghouse and Anywhere365, Modality’s Contact Centre solutions are integrated with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business to help maximise existing IT spend.

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Security and Compliance

Microsoft’s security and compliance solutions can protect sensitive data stored in cloud services and help you to comply with legal and regulatory standards.

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Skype for Business

Microsoft’s Skype for Business is a proven, powerful and all-inclusive solution that integrates voice, video, messaging and meetings to support communications across your organisation.

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Cloud Collaboration

Accelerate productivity across your organisation with a range of flexible Microsoft cloud collaboration solutions, backed by enterprise-grade security in Office 365 to transform the way you work.

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Modern Desktop

A Modern Desktop powered by Microsoft Windows and Office is at the heart of driving productivity, enabling users to work wherever they need to in a secure and compliant way.

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Adoption & Change Management

Adoption and Change Management Services supplement your in-house team, providing training to ensure widespread adoption of Modern Workplace solutions and optimisation of their features.

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Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security is an intelligent identity-driven mobility management security solution, offering a holistic approach to solving the security challenges in today’s mobile-first, cloud-first era.

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