Enterprise Mobility + Security

Secure your future in the cloud

As the demand for collaborative remote working increases, so does the risk of security breaches across mobile devices, networks, cloud environments and consumer connected IoT devices. To protect against such threats, Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security platform provides a comprehensive set of intelligent mobility management solutions within Microsoft 365, allowing your employees to work flexibility from anywhere without compromising the safety of your accounts, devices or data.

From device management to identity-driven security, Modality Systems’ consultants can provide advice and guidance on the tailored Enterprise Mobility + Security solutions best-suited to your business requirements. All our solutions are backed by comprehensive Security Managed Services, offering continual improvements to maintain complete protection of your business and ongoing support of your Microsoft environment.

By choosing Modality Systems as your Enterprise Mobility + Security provider, you will benefit from:

Multi-factor Authentication

Secure access to all of your accounts.

Conditional Access

Provides restrictions only when needed.

Azure Information Protection

Automatic labelling of sensitive data and insider risk management.

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Discovers and protects the use of 3rd party SaaS apps.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Intune will manage and secure all your corporate devices.

Direct Access and Azure App Proxy

Secure access to your on-premises services from anywhere.

Microsoft Threat Protection

Combines all threat protection features across email and data.

Privileged Identity Management and Identity Governance

Elevation of privileges and end-user membership management.

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