Microsoft Teams Readiness

Building confidence in your Teams deployment

With so many components to a successful Microsoft Teams rollout, ensuring it delivers on its potential requires the consideration of a number of technical and user-based factors. Whether you are starting afresh or want to get the most out of the platform, Modality Systems provides Teamwork Assessments, Skype to Teams Migration Workshops and Network Readiness Assessments to ensure you, your teams and the wider environment are ready for the change.

Teamwork Assessment

Our Teamwork Assessments consider your existing investments and examine use case scenarios to create definable, actionable roadmaps that provide advice on the successful deployment, adoption and support of Microsoft Teams. Organisations can choose a Business Decision Maker Workshop followed by a Planning Workshop based on their targeted outcome, or choose an Immersion Experience designed to showcase Microsoft Teams’ modern meeting experiences.

Teamwork Assessment Product Sheet

Skype to Teams Migration Workshop

Whether you’re just getting started with Microsoft Teams or are already using it alongside Skype for Business, Modality Systems’ Skype to Teams Migration Workshops can provide you with everything you need for a successful deployment. Our expert consultants will work with you to discover established business processes and determine the best practice utilisation of Microsoft Teams across your organisation, as well as considering the adoption, security and governance of the application.

Skype to Teams Migration Workshop Product Sheet

Network Readiness Assessment

Our Microsoft Teams Network Readiness Assessment combines network testing software with expert consultant insights to gain an in-depth picture of your networks performance capabilities. Network test node software completes real audio test calls to highlight common issues such as traffic blocked by firewalls, bandwidth issues, Wi-Fi performance and packet loss, resulting in reports that uncover any potential issues before they affect your users’ Microsoft Teams experience.

Network Readiness Assessment Product Sheet

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