Modern Desktop

Powerful productivity tools powered by Microsoft

A Modern Desktop powered by Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise and Office allows organisations to work with simplicity and mobility. With built-in security powered by the cloud, IT professionals can meet compliance requirements with advanced protection against modern security threats whilst reducing management costs. At the same time, employees can quickly become more productive with an intuitive operating system that they’re probably already using at home.

Your partner of choice for Modern Desktop solutions

Modality Systems has extensive expertise in providing Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop solutions that are easy to deploy, fully supported and continually updated to ensure maximum performance. Users benefit from a highly secure and feature-rich Windows 10 environment offering endpoint management, device encryption and information protection, in addition to defence from Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security suite, providing a consistent and secure experience from any device or location.

Our Promise:

Stay Secure

To help you stay secure and seamlessly up to date as new technology and features roll out.

Empower Users

To empower you to collaborate securely and in real-time from any device.

Reduce Overheads

To reduce IT management and costly overheads with low-touch deployments.

Actionable Insights

To provide analytics that draw valuable insights into the current state of your desktop environment.

Measure Results

To provide comprehensive Managed and Professional Services that ensure ongoing measurable results.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

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Microsoft 365

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Adoption & Change Management

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