Skype to Teams Migration

Take your business to the next level of productivity

Following Microsoft’s announcement that Skype for Business Online will be retired in 2021, many organisations are now being encouraged to upgrade to Microsoft Teams. Teams is the ultimate hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365, taking the workforce to new levels of productivity with chat features, video calling, document sharing and integration of third-party applications for collaboration anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re just getting started with Microsoft Teams or are already using it alongside Skype for Business, Modality Systems’ Skype to Teams Migration Workshops can provide you with everything you need for a successful deployment.  

Our expert consultants will work with you to discover established business processes and determine the best practice utilisation of Microsoft Teams across your organisation, as well as considering the adoption, security and governance of the application. Taking a holistic approach, our series of workshops are carried out with your in-house project teams and engagement from the wider business to ensure the transition covers all the requirements of your organisation.

Skype to Teams Migration Workshop Product Sheet

Skype to Teams Migration Workshop value:

Enable key stakeholders to fully understand the purpose, features and functionality of Microsoft Teams.

Examine the Microsoft Teams Roadmap to establish upcoming features and how they will be adopted.

Determine Microsoft Teams features that should be enabled by default or request (I.e. video calling).

Determine who has control of creating new teams and granting new permissions.

Establish governance and security within Microsoft Teams (I.e. naming conventions).

Establish network readiness and infrastructure readiness (I.e. VPN and firewall assessments).

Evaluate Office 365 licensing options to ensure all requirements are covered.

Look at user adoption and how awareness and training will be effectively delivered.

Establish what is involved in the pilot phase and the criteria to make it successful.

Establish Microsoft Teams deployment pre-requisites and roll-out decisions.

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