Teams Adoption & Change Management

Creating a structured approach to teamwork


As one of the first partners to receive the Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialisation, Modality understands the support organisations require to drive effective adoption of technology. Modality Systems recognises that organisational change is perhaps the most significant challenge when implementing any new technology, and we work closely with our customers to ensure the widespread adoption and ongoing success of Microsoft Teams deployments.

Modality’s proven approach to Adoption and Change Management utilises the Prosci fundamentals and the ADKAR® model for Change Management – an industry-recognised framework with proven success.  

Our certified Change Management Practitioners deliver full end-to-end services, supplementing your in-house capabilities by providing training on all aspects of Microsoft Teams for end-users to ensure they are optimising its powerful features.

By choosing Modality Systems’ Adoption and Change Management services, you will benefit from:


  • Interviews with project sponsors to establish project objectives, parameters and KPIs, including wider organisational impacts.
  • Coaching webinars to guide team managers through the change process.


  • Help to identify change-resistant users, their challenges and what they need to support them through the change.
  • A roadmap of further sponsorship activities based on interview findings, plus detailed communications and training plans to drive Microsoft Teams project success.


  • Data on which user groups are collaborating within Microsoft Teams to see the growth in adoption and to identify areas that may need further support.
  • Automated Microsoft Teams tips sent directly to end-users via chat functionality to encourage specific user behaviour.
  • Intelligent training using a variety of media on the collaboration features and functionality within Microsoft Teams.

Teams Adoption & Change Management Product Sheet

Key Benefits

Drive best practice

Users will receive training and tips based on their individual usage habits.

End-to-end support

Benefit from a dedicated IT expert support service for access to quick advice and ‘how-to’ questions.

Measurable success

Track trends over time with data-driven insights and measure adoption success.

Know who to target

Identify potential areas of resistance, or those who might need additional support to ensure user adoption.

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