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Finance Sector CV

Navigating change in Finance

Modality helps you to manage the industry’s digital disruption

According to the Gartner 2020 Agenda Poll, one of the top future initiatives in the Finance Sector is technology optimization; looking to digital technologies to modernize both the outward-facing customer experience and maximize internal collaboration possibilities.

However, being part of a heavily regulated industry can act as a barrier to effectively managing change and adopting new technologies, as procedural complexities slow down your technology projects and adoption rates. Gartner’s poll reveals that 76% of CFOs report delayed ROI from their technology investments as a result of lengthy implementation efforts.

In addition to this, the typical size and scale of your organization presents a huge challenge to working collaboratively and thriving within the sector. With fierce competition across the industry, finding ways to transform how you efficiently engage with customers has become critical, with accessibility, user adoption, and cultural trends gaining priority in your strategies. Standing aside while others evolve by utilizing technologies such as AI is not an option for those seeking long-term success in the Finance market.


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