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Local Regional Government Sector CV

A pivotal year for Local Regional Governments

Modality helps you to support our citizens

Since the launch of the Government’s Digital Strategy in 2012, the UK’s Public Sector has spent over 3.2billion on data and technology services, showcasing that organisations have firmly placed digital transformation at the forefront of their business strategy.

However, the emergence of Brexit has challenged your organisations’ desire and ambition to work collaboratively with other public services. EU funding that supports an array of UK development projects with the provision of £5 billion every year is threatened to be withdrawn, putting immense pressure on LRGs to demonstrate the true ROI of digital transformation. Your goals are further affected by a continued focus on short term financial demands and the day-to-day pressures of maintaining service delivery and modernising technology.

In addition to this, ways to transform how you efficiently engage with citizens has become critical, with accessibility, user adoption, and cultural trends gaining prevalence and priority in your strategies. Furthermore, we’re seeing an acceleration of councils moving to agile working, requiring them to provide the same user experience and citizen communication output as they would in an office environment. However, with only 40% of the public satisfied with the digital access they have to all Public Sector organisations, change is still required.


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