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Technology is saving lives, not just improving them

Modality helps you to support our citizens…

In January 2019, the NHS published a long-term plan focussed on a £4.5 billion digital transformation drive to improve care for citizens, with up to half a million lives and an estimated 85,000 premature deaths per year to be saved as a result. In particular, the provision of technology within community care, mental health care, and GP surgeries are set to rise under the plans, predominantly from the use of online consultations and collaborative applications that suit tight NHS budgets and compliment busy schedules. However, as technology advances, the gap between where you are versus where you want to be Рcontinues to get bigger. Examples include:

  • For patients, the average waiting time to see a GP is approximately 2 weeks.
  • For community care nurses, over a third are wasting time replicating data entries across disparate NHS systems.
  • For mental health care workers, understaffing is a real issue. In 2018, 23,686 mental health staff left the NHS which is the equivalent of one in eight of the sectors whole workforce, resulting in increased waiting times.

Add to this the fast-evolving government regulations, data and security concerns, workforce shortages and higher patient expectations, and there are still many challenges within the NHS to address before it becomes future-proof.


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