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Legal Sector CV

Technology for optimization in the Legal Sector

Modality helps you achieve productivity gains

The digital landscape in the legal sector is changing. Historically heavily paper-based, the legal industry has not always been synonymous with digital transformation, but c-level executives are now prioritizing efforts to keep pace with evolving technologies. Client expectations today demand the same digital ease of access to law services as online shopping, putting technology at the forefront of competitive advantage in the legal industry.

An eagerness to use technology for optimization is a great start, but real-world adoption of technology is a typical hurdle for the legal sector. According to Gartner, only 19% of legal teams are well placed to sustain enterprise digital efforts. The short-term day-to-day pressures on time and productivity, plus reliance on failsafe communication tools present a challenge when it comes to adapting to new tools and processes. In addition, the ever-present threat of hackers and phishing attacks makes protecting your digital data seem increasingly difficult.


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