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Manufacturing Sector CV

Technology at the Forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Modality helps you to reduce your time-to-market

In the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), adopting new technology has become a key component for success in the Manufacturing industry. Optimizing business processes through the successful adoption of technology, has transformed the sector’s ability to innovate. As a result, 4IR is expected to generate a value of more than $3 trillion by 2025.

However, according to the World Economic Forum, the adoption of technology in your industry is stalling, with over 70% of companies unable to progress past pilot phases. With your distinct challenges around disparate workforces, and the need for fast decision making to allow slick production processes in a highly competitive sector, maximizing efficiencies is paramount.

Finding ways to transform how you efficiently collaborate across teams, production sites and time zones is critical, with accessibility and user adoption taking priority in your strategies. Manufacturers who can unlock the value of collaboration technology can turn their product visions into reality on a much more efficient timescale, seeing financial gains faster and leaving others in the industry behind.


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