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Product Sheet

Teams Success Service

A software-enhanced service and support package for Microsoft Teams, for organisations with up to 2,000 users

Managing all aspects of Microsoft Teams can be a challenge
Organisations using Microsoft Teams will already know the benefits of having a single platform for collaboration; however, managing and maintaining a healthy Teams environment can be a struggle from both a governance and adoption perspective. Handling the day-to-day pressure of reactive issue resolution, whilst also ensuring your organisation is protected by adherence to policy and best practice can be difficult to achieve if you don’t have a full understanding of how your employees’ usage and behaviours contribute to the situation.

Three Tiers of Success
Teams Success Service is available in three tiers; Base, Standard and Enhanced. Support at all levels is offered during UK business hours as standard, with 24/7 support available as an option.

  • Base: The Base level satisfies your essential support needs with user chat, Service Desk to Service Desk, change/ configuration support and CQD reporting, enabling you to resolve and prevent the recurrence of issues relating to Teams deployment whilst encouraging user adoption.
  • Standard: The Standard service includes a high value consultant overlay, with expert assessment and commentary covering CQD and the PowerBI report themes of usage, governance and collaboration with trend analysis and recommendations.
  • Enhanced: Modality’s Enhanced package is the gold standard of Teams Success Service. Building on the fundamental requirements of successful deployment and management, it also includes CustomInvite and Teamwork Analytics lifecycle management. CreateTeam software allows you to control how teams are created and by whom, ensuring security and compliance best practice. The Automation component executes governance tasks based on trigger events, with behavioural triggers in scope.
    To provide coherence and a primary point of contact across the Teams Success Service, Service Delivery Management encompasses an ongoing review function including monthly insights, third party troubleshooting support, service delivery metrics and visibility of the Microsoft Teams roadmap.

Microsoft Teams Success Service: The Benefits
The three tiers of Modality’s Microsoft Teams Success Service give you all the elements you need – and nothing you don’t – to ensure the ongoing success of your Microsoft Teams deployment. Choose the package that meets your organisation’s needs, and we’ll be there to support you from day one.

  • Technical Support, Practical Assistance: Benefit from our expert consultants’ unique skills and vast experience.
  • In-Built Efficiency: Enhance the user experience with intuitive and powerful software, including safe team creation, workflows and automated governance.
  • Drive Compliance and Best Practice: Select policy-appropriate levels of control to guide user behaviour and ensure compliance at every step of your Teams journey.
  • Data-Driven Approach: Use empirical insights to identify and manage existing and potential issues across usage, calls, meetings and security.

Choose Your Package

Component Base Standard Enhanced
2nd/3rd line Teams support (Service Desk to Service Desk)
Teams Moves, Adds, Changes
Monthly Performance Reports (CQD data)
End User Adoption (‘How do I..?’) Chat Support
Monthly Performance Review (CQD data)
TWA Usage, Collaboration & Governance Reporting & Insights
TWA Lifecycle Management s/w (CreateTeam & Automation)
Service Delivery Management (inc. roadmap & change)

Additional Service Options:

  • Support hours bundle
  • End user Chat Support ticket bundle
  • OneMeeting licence
  • CustomInvite
  • Rapid Deployment Programme

Need something different?

If you have further requirements such as Teams Direct Routing, third party integrations or hosted call recording, explore our Microsoft Teams Managed Service or get in touch directly.

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