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Police Sector CV

Keeping the Police Connected

Modality supports you to efficiently protect the public using digital services

Over the last few years, and just like many other industries, the UK’s Police Forces have undergone a significant digital transformation. With the increase in use of mobile technologies, data and analytics and cloud-hosted applications, the Police are now able to make public services more efficient and cost-effective, whilst enabling Officers to do their jobs much more easily without spending excess time filling in paperwork.

With Police Forces up and down the country providing Officers with tablets and smartphones to record statements and access vital information, it’s fair to say that digital enablement has had a profound effect on the public services, making protecting the public much more efficient and less time-consuming. However, it’s also been reported that only 40% of the public is satisfied with the digital access they have to all Public Sector organisations, so there is definitely more to be done.

The Police are under immense pressure to maintain service delivery, whilst modernising technology and meeting the financial demands of the sector. In addition, how Officers efficiently engage with citizens has become critical, with accessibility, user adoption and cultural trends all gaining prevalence and priority in strategic development.


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