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Professional Services
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Professional Services Sector CV

Keeping pace with growth in Professional Services

Modality helps Professional Services meet increasing customer demands

Already worth more than $3 trillion and with an expected growth rate of more than 8% by 2026, the Professional Services industry is an exciting place to be. Up against increasing demands around quality and efficiency from customers, ‘providing more value at the same cost’ is one of the top challenges facing Professional Service practices.

Organizations across your industry need to stay one step ahead of fast-moving digital trends to provide consultancy and advice to customers across the globe, meeting requirements quickly and efficiently. Implementing a Modern Workplace to meet these demands can be hindered by the global nature of your companies, with differing business practices and priorities on a per-country or per-region basis. Due to the sensitive nature of your client information, security and governance over data and access to information are paramount, as is the ability to support a global network of employees and resolve issues quickly to continue delivering excellent customer service.


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