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Students in education today do not remember a time without the internet or the near-constant connectivity of mobile devices. They assume technology will be central to their learning experience, expecting to connect with their peers, tutors, and resources online from any device at any time. Whether privately or publicly funded, Schools, Colleges and Universities need to adapt to this learning experience, delivering digital transformation to remain competitive, attract the brightest students and ensure a leading institutional performance.

While online learning can be an educational enabler and source of competitive advantage, it creates new challenges for stretched IT teams. The need to establish cost-savings requires a move from legacy systems to a cloud-first strategy, and the education sector needs to look at delivering frictionless services such as application processing and online teaching, all while maintaining absolute data security.

Modality: Supporting you to empower future generations 

We work with the education sector to deliver technology solutions that vastly improve secure communication and collaboration, as well as allow remote access to educational resources. By utilising Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams and the wide range of productivity tools within the Microsoft 365 suite, we support students, their teachers and wider teams within the education sector to create a leading online education experience with flexible, cost-efficient and highly resilient technologies.

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We’ve supported the education sector for over 14 years.

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Break down barriers to enable secure productivity.


Flexible solutions to enhance the learning experience.

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Services to stretch your budget and improve ROI.

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Personalise learning according to user requirements.

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