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According to Gartner’s 2020 Agenda Poll, one of the top future initiatives in the finance sector is technology optimisation to modernise the outward-facing customer experience and maximise internal collaboration possibilities. However, the globalised economy means insurance and financial institutions are working in uncharted territory. The opportunities that come from the scale and growth of these organisations are often hindered by heavy regulations, acting as a barrier to effectively manage change and adopt new technologies. The size and complexity of many financial services companies also create additional complications, making innovation at scale challenging as project planning and cultural change programs that enable adoption and ROI are far harder to deliver across multiple sites.

Modality: Delivering a competitive advantage that’s really on the money

We work closely with global financial organisations to provide a range of technology solutions that enhance collaboration, enable accessibility and drive compliance while adhering to strict governance requirements. We have supported multiple organisations to adopt technology, resulting in a significantly improved ROI, and we have unrivalled experience in strategic consulting for deployments of all sizes. Whether a business is planning to move to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 to increase collaboration and empower productivity through Microsoft Teams, or enhance protection using secure solutions like Enterprise Mobility + Security, we can accelerate workplace modernisation to provide financial institutions with a real competitive advantage.

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