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COVID-19 has demonstrated the essential role of telemedicine in global frontline healthcare, but responding to the rapidly changing needs of patients and clinicians whilst fighting against ever-decreasing budgets and evolving regulations is a rising challenge. Healthcare journeys for patients are also becoming increasingly complex as legacy technology systems hinder the ability to meet the increased demand for health services, making the provisioning of practical and accessible technology vital.

Modality: Future-proofing and streamlining healthcare services

As a world-leading health sector technology provider, we work closely with global health trusts and on the frontline of global medicine to deliver cost-effective software and solutions; whether you are looking to improve cloud collaboration and productivity with Microsoft 365 or increase access to critical services and patient care through secure Microsoft Azure-based video consultation services such as OneConsultation. Data security is paramount, so we work in harmony with strict government regulations by providing secure and compliant solutions that give you complete confidence. And just like you, all our services are delivered with your number one priority in mind – the patient.

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation

Using Microsoft technology, the development team at Modality has been working with Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to develop an online solution for Talking Therapies – an approachable service that delivers services to people dealing with anxiety and depression.

Our video consultation solution, OneConsultation, extends the reach of this service, enabling patients to seek professional support from the comfort of their own surroundings and improve access to care. A patient can simply connect via their smartphone and the doctor can connect using the NHS’ existing Microsoft infrastructure.

Watch OneConsultation in action

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