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Manufacturing has faced significant disruption in recent years, with the globalisation of supply chains creating several operational and human resource challenges that require the implementation of new processes to deliver efficient operations. However, according to the World Economic Forum, technology implementation in manufacturing is stalling, with over 70% of companies unable to progress past pilot phases due to high costs and resistance in scaling adoption across multiple production facilities and through relevant value chains. With disparate workforces presenting a distinct challenge and fast decision making needed to allow slick production processes in a highly competitive sector, maximising efficiencies through technology is crucial.

Modality: Maximising efficiencies for operational excellence

Through our vast portfolio of services, we combine the best in cloud collaboration platforms, Modern Desktop solutions and security and compliance tools to enable ‘smart factories’ in the manufacturing sector. From the front office to the factory floor, trusted solutions such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure enable you to automate processes and harness big data for reporting and analytics, giving you the tools you need to securely keep up with digital manufacturing. Platforms such as Microsoft Teams are also transforming how today’s manufacturers communicate securely, not only making you attractive to the next-generation workforce but also encouraging collaboration anywhere. Whatever your requirements, our solutions can help you create greater efficiencies, make quick financial gains and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving sector.

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Microsoft Azure-based GDPR and COPRA compliant solutions.

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