Microsoft Azure Managed Services

Minimise cloud management and focus on your core business with Azure Managed Services

Cloud Care: Giving you the flexibility and confidence to move to the cloud

In today’s Modern Workplace, businesses need IT resources that offer optimum flexibility and durability, whilst also delivering maximum performance at a lower cost. However, many organisations are falling at the first hurdle when it comes to implementing Microsoft Azure, finding it almost impossible to balance the true scale of costs compared to their actual consumption of the services provisioned. Things can go wrong at the most inopportune times without effective management, with the added risk that your technical teams may lack the cloud expertise that is necessary to combat any issues.

In response to the challenges faced by businesses looking to implement cloud solutions, Modality created Cloud Care; a bespoke Microsoft Azure Managed Service offering designed to extend and enhance the capability of your operational teams. Cloud Care delivers a secure and fully-managed support system for resources that are deployed in Microsoft Azure, in addition to 24×7 DevOps technical operations to ensure compliance and access to our experienced and talented team of Azure experts.

Cloud Care: Key Features and Benefits

24×7 Operations

24×7 DevOps technical operations to ensure you meet all security, compliance, identity and automation requirements.


Automation and self-healing environments to optimise performance and mitigate issues.

Advanced Monitoring

Integrated ISTM tools to monitor Microsoft Azure infrastructure and take the burden off your IT teams.

Utilise our Experts

Access to a pool of experienced and certified Microsoft Azure experts for flexibility when you need it most.

Granular Visibility

Single pane of glass portal for granular visibility and unified management of applications.

Cost Efficiencies

Resource and cost optimisation management for complete transparency of Microsoft Azure spend.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Technical Account Manager to support you every step of the way.

Maximise Performance

Regular business reviews to ensure optimum Microsoft Azure performance and identify room for improvement.

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