Adoption & Change Management

Microsoft-certified specialists with proven expertise in Adoption and Change Management

Address the people side of change and maximise your ROI in collaborative technology

As one of Microsoft’s very first partners to achieve the Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialisation, Modality understands the support organisations require to drive usage of Microsoft products. With deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success in delivering customer projects in specific specialised areas, you can rest assured that we meet the highest standards for service delivery and support.

Modality’s proven approach to Adoption and Change Management utilises the Prosci fundamentals and the ADKAR® model for Change Management – an industry-recognised framework for proven success.

Over time, our certified Change Management Practitioners have honed their skills and developed experience to deliver full end-to-end services, supplementing your in-house capabilities by providing training on all aspects of Microsoft 365 to ensure end-users are benefiting from its powerful productivity features. This spans a range of activities, from the creation of bespoke actionable plans and Microsoft approved training to workplace culture programs that encourage successful adoption of Microsoft 365 at any stage of the rollout.

Adoption & Change Management Product Sheet

Adoption & Change Management Services:

  • Interviews with key project sponsors to agree on technology and organisational KPIs.
  • Adoption roadmaps, detailed communication and training plans to meet agreed KPIs and ensure project success.
  • Real-time user behaviour data pre/post-deployment to monitor adoption trends and identify areas in need of extra support.
  • Tailored and automated communications to encourage end-users to utilise the full range of product features.
  • Specific training delivered in person and remotely via multiple media sources to support end-users’ individual job roles.
  • High-level management and team leader support through live coaching webinars to ensure adoption and success.

Optional Extras:

  • A coaching plan to empower team managers as part of the adoption project.
  • A resistance management plan to help team leaders to encourage change-resistant users and influencers to engage in and champion the deployment.

Key Benefits

Drive Best Practice

Unique, low-touch approach providing specific training and tips to users based on their actual usage habits.

End-to-End Support

Benefit from a dedicated IT expert support service for access to quick advice and ‘how-to’ questions.

Measurable Success

Track trends over time with data-driven insights and measure adoption success.

Know who to Target

Identify potential areas of resistance, or those who might need additional support to ensure user adoption.

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