Our Software

Unique software that provides data-driven insights to maximise your Microsoft investment

Adding automation and data-led insights for a reporting capability like no other

Our Development team has meticulously crafted a range of purpose-built software solutions designed to optimise, automate and report upon the powerful features of your Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business investment. These solutions utilise the attributes of Microsoft’s existing software suite, combined with a unique data-driven methodology to best support organisations to deliver successful deployment, adoption and governance, with measurable results.

Trusted by a wide range of customers from SME’s to some of the largest FTSE and Fortune 500 companies across the world, our software solutions provide a competitive difference and reporting capability like no other, for complete transparency and ROI.

Join the 5 million people worldwide who use our software to:

Gain Measurable Insights

With data-driven automation and reporting on Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business performance. 

Seamlessly Integrate

Existing business applications for ease of management.

Optimise Performance

By supporting existing or new workflows to achieve better performance.

Empower Productivity

By facilitating greater collaboration, productivity and increased compliance.

Increase ROI

By maximising their Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business investments. 

Teamwork Analytics

A Microsoft Teams lifecycle management solution that utilises advanced Power BI reporting, delivering actionable recommendations on how to increase Teams adoption, governance and security.

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An Outlook plugin designed to simplify, govern and enhance the joining experience of online meetings through unique customisation options.

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A software and services tool that proactively measures the real-time performance of your Microsoft communications and collaboration environment.

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A fully-managed and customisable virtual consultation service that leverages your existing Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams deployment.

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An integrated video meeting system that enables you and your customers to work together seamlessly while using Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

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Technical Documentation

Technical support on a range of areas including software deployment, configuration, troubleshooting, architecture layout and design.

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