Simplify meetings with CustomInvite

Enhance the experience of Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams meetings with custom branding

Enable participants to focus on their meetings – not on how to join them

Modality’s CustomInvite software is a highly customisable Outlook plugin, designed to simplify and enhance the joining experience of online meetings for participants both inside and outside your organisation. It improves the meeting experience by customising content, removing unimportant information, adding branding and tailoring details according to the participant’s location via a single Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business invite. CustomInvite also integrates with multiple third-party audio and video conferencing solutions to solve interoperability issues.


Why CustomInvite?

With every organisation using their own choice of application, and individual users downloading their preferred communications software, a large number of incompatible meeting platforms are resulting in unfriendly user experiences. CustomInvite resolves the common frustrations around these meeting experiences, removing issues such as broken links, language barriers and long lists of PIN codes and phone numbers that are impossible to memorise for complete simplicity and seamless meetings.


CustomInvite: Key Benefits

Increase User Adoption

One-click access meeting experience regardless of the end-user’s location.

Easy to Deploy

Out of the box product with instant activation for maximum productivity.

Consistent Branding

Enhances user participation through simple, clear and customisable branding.

Ease of Integration

Unifies multiple third-party video and conferencing services into one invitation.

Cost Efficiencies

Utilise toll-free services and make free online meetings open to all languages.

No User Training Required

Retain all the benefits of scheduling via Outlook and use a system you are already familiar with.

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