Video conference integration with OneMeeting

Deliver a single, secure and consistent meeting experience centred around Microsoft Office 365

Allow users to work together seamlessly from any in-room video conferencing system

Modality’s OneMeeting integrates multiple branded video conferencing systems such as Lifesize, Zoom and Cisco, to work seamlessly as part of your Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business communications environment. The consolidation of all collaborative meetings onto the Microsoft platform delivers a single and consistent user experience built on Microsoft 365 collaboration services, providing greater functionality and optimising user adoption from any device or location.


Why OneMeeting?

The installation of expensive in-room video conferencing systems can lead to numerous problems for organisations, causing interoperability issues that can make entire systems redundant and leave IT teams with the difficult task of integrating solutions. With OneMeeting, the integration of video conferencing technology onto the Microsoft platform eliminates disparate systems, scheduling problems and awkward user issues for a seamless meeting experience.


OneMeeting: Key Benefits

Rapid Transition to Teams Meetings

Instant integration between any video conferencing system and Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business meetings.

Seamless Functionality

Achieve a single, consistent user experience, simplified for all participants.

Harness Microsoft Teams Rooms Systems

Ensures your video meeting rooms can join any video meeting, whether SIP or H323.

Strategic Investment

Eliminate 3rd party conferencing systems and reduce demands on IT support.


Compatible with systems including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business (online and server), and Windows 8 and 10.

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