Police technology to support virtual interviews

Virtual consultation software for police forces

Virtual consultations provide you with the police technology you need to conduct an alternative to a traditional interview.

By switching to virtual interviews, you benefit from accessibility improvements, quicker statement turnaround time, and less travel to face-to-face witness statements.

OneConsultation is a fully-managed and customisable virtual consultation service. It utilises Microsoft 365 technology and can leverage existing Teams or Skype for Business deployments. This means you can take statements online via a video connection.

OneConsultation is a Microsoft Azure-based app where members of the public access you via one-click. Connect with witnesses and members of the public from their smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Witnesses access their video statement in one click and officers ensure those who cannot attend in-person interviews make a statement.

Why choose OneConsultation as your virtual consultation software?

Security and cost-efficiencies are natural benefits when implementing virtual interviews. And while members of the public love faster turnaround time and not having to travel to a local station, police forces see the real benefits of video interviews.

Video consultations allow you to:

  • Break down the barriers to physical interviews
  • Take more statements
  • Remove no shows
  • Ensure officer and witness security
  • Stay compliant with GDPR
  • Install police technology without the upfront costs

OneConsultation Overview

Virtual interviews are already in use across police forces in these scenarios:

Instant Response Centre

Add video to phone calls to add face-to-face interaction for routine incidents.

Volume Crime

Each department can choose to add video to their high volume crime reporting function.

Witness & Victim Care

Prepare individuals for the Court process and use video to assist with vulnerable individuals.


Removes travel costs, time, and risk when working on rehabilitation for offenders.

Missing person confirmation

Police officers verify residents reported missing have returned.

How it works

A witness joins their video interview via a website. OneConsultation checks their microphone, speakers, and webcam to ensure all is working. Once confirmed, a witness waits in a virtual lobby for an officer to arrive.

We don’t store any confidential information so we maintain both witness and officer anonymity. There is no need for witnesses (or any members of the public) to install apps or plugins, ensuring a simple experience. Users join their interview in a few simple clicks.

When prompted, officers log into their waiting room and a witness arrives for their video interview. When ready, the officer joins via Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business.

OneConsultation extends the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 to your officers and can be offered as a full end to end service. You can even integrate with your existing scheduling tools and processes.

OneConsultation is hosted in Microsoft Azure. Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform that ensures compliance, security, and reliability.

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Virtual Consultations

Virtual interviews are the new way to take statements from witnesses. Not only are they safer and more efficient, but they also lessen the strain on police budgets.

When implementing OneConsultation for video interviews, police budgets benefit too. Existing police force customers say OneConsultation helps their budgets by enabling:

More witness statements taken in shorter time frames

Reduced waiting times

Less burden on existing police technology and resources

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Key benefits of virtual interviews via OneConsultation

Accessibility Improvements

Enable members of the public who struggle to attend in-person interviews access to police officers.

Fewer Cancellations

Reduce no shows by removing the need to attend.

Faster Interviews

Host video interviews to speed up the statement taking process and interview more witnesses.

Simple Experiences

No new software with instant access to video interviews.

Secure and Compliant Interviews

Hosted in Microsoft Azure so you can host video interviews with confidence.

Cost Reductions

A scalable monthly cost model without upfront police technology charges.

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Virtual consultations with Modality Systems OneConsultation solution for Humberside Police

“I am supporting technological innovation in the Force to enable it to become more efficient and effective. That support is illustrating its worth now, during this crisis, when it is vital that Humberside Police can adapt their response to continue to conduct thorough investigations and support victims and witnesses of crime, ensuring safety for all.”

Keith Hunter, Office of Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner

Why Modality?

Modality has a history of delivering 99.999% uptime secure enterprise video services. Over the last three years, Modality has integrated specific line of business processes to meet the familiar interactions that consumers require through virtual consultations.

Through the OneConsultation virtual consultation software, Modality is continuously helping police officers improve the way they interview witnesses.

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