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Modality unleashes the power of teamwork with Teams lifecycle management

Modality’s Teamwork Analytics supports organisations with hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Teams users all over the world, driving adoption and managing the entire lifecycle of Teams to ensure best practice, governance, and security.

Designed to address the diverse challenges of the Modern Workplace, Teamwork Analytics is the essential solution for team creation, adoption and governance, powered by Automation and sophisticated Power BI reporting for the lifecycle management of Microsoft Teams. Teamwork Analytics’ CreateTeam app standardises the setup of teams for complete compliance, Automation enforces governance and best practice, and Reports deliver profound insight into who is using Teams and how they are using it – ensuring your environment is optimised, compliant and secure.

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Teamwork Analytics CreateTeam

CreateTeam is pinned to the Microsoft Teams sidebar for ease, allowing Users to select a template or tailor their own team. The app is fully customisable, and includes:

  • User templates (permission to add Members, Channels, files, apps) 

  • Approval workflows

  • Rules for Guest Membership and access

  • Enforced naming convention and description length

  • Minimum number of Owners per team

  • Duplicate team checks

  • Defined retention periods and PII policy

  • Traffic light system for mandatory field completion

Teamwork Analytics Automation

Lifecycle triggers are used to send automated Messages direct to Users via email or Microsoft Teams, enforcing compliance and data security.

Four governance automations are included as standard:

  • Team Ownership – If a team has only one Owner, notify the individual to assign a second Owner

  • Guest report – Remind Owners to review which teams have Guests and the information they have access to

  • Inactive Teams – If a team hasn’t been used in a specified amount of time, notify Owners to archive or delete it

  • Deleted Teams – If a team has been deleted, notify all Owners and Members to give them advance notice before the 30 day ‘soft-delete’ period expires

Behaviour-driven notifications can also be automated to reinforce best practice, and improve User experience:

  • Engagement Thresholds – Direct Users to personalised training and support materials

  • Private Chat – Promote collaborative benefits of team Chats with use cases

  • @ Mention Reminders – Help users target specific individuals in a busy team chat

  • Skype for Business Users in Islands mode – Reminder to take full advantage of Teams functionality

Teamwork Analytics Reporting

Teams Usage, Collaboration and Governance reports provide essential business intelligence on who is using Microsoft Teams and how they are using it. The results are actionable recommendations that drive compliance, encourage engagement and deliver cultural change. 

Usage Reports include:

  • Average daily Chats, Messages, Calls, Meetings

  • Device usage per type and category

  • Active Users over time by activity and department

  • Month on month engagement trends

  • Custom AD attributes

Collboration Reports include:

  • Department interaction and collaboration

  • User and activity trends

  • Per team profile

  • Weekly Channel average of Messages, @Mentions and Reactions

Governance Reports include:

  • Public, Private and Hidden Teams

  • Guest access and visibility

  • Team creation and status

  • Files by type and ‘last modified’ date

Microsoft Teams Success Service

The insight we’ve gained from helping customers manage and deploy Microsoft Teams has shown that, however complex the operation, there’s a core set of requirements that are fundamental to success.

Teams Success Service helps businesses of up to 2,000 users by engaging our expert consultants to help support and manage deployment, adoption, compliance and collaboration, including calls and meetings, at every stage of the Teams lifecycle.

Teamwork Analytics is a key component of this service, underpinning success with governance automation, data-driven insight to performance and risk, and templated team creation that’s personalised to your environment.

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Teamwork Analytics: Key Benefits

Full Governance

Central management of all Microsoft Teams activity, allowing the removal of unused teams to prevent sprawl.

Ease of Deployment

Designed as an out-of-the-box product, Teamwork Analytics is quick and easy to implement.

Total Transparency

Understand usage, identify  issues and benefit from actionable recommendations to get the most out of Microsoft Teams.

Complete Security

Data is collected from Microsoft Graph API and stored in Microsoft Azure.

Return on Investment

Identify, implement and measure collaboration improvement initiatives.

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