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Drive and measure adoption,  best practice and ROI across Microsoft Teams

Modality unleashes the power of teamwork with Teams lifecycle management

Modality Systems’ Teamwork Analytics supports organisations with hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Teams users all over the world, driving adoption and managing the entire lifecycle of Teams to ensure best practice, governance, and security.

Designed to address the diverse challenges of the Modern Workplace, TWA combines a family of apps for teams creation, governance, adoption and billing, powered by sophisticated Power BI reporting and automation to provide a vital solution for the lifecycle management of Microsoft Teams. The Teamwork Analytics CreateTeam app standardises the setup of teams for complete governance, and Power BI reporting offers profound insight into who is using Teams and how they are using it, to ensure it is optimised, compliant, and secure to drive best practice.

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Teamwork Analytics CreateTeam

For teams creation, CreateTeam is pinned to the Microsoft Teams sidebar and allows users to select a template or create a customised team. Restrictions on new team settings are fully customisable and include:

  • Approval workflows. 

  • Team templates (channels, website tabs and file tabs.)

  • Enforce rules and approval for guest access.

  • Enforce naming convention/description length in each team.

  • Enforce the number of team owners and members. 

  • Duplicate team checks. 

  • Customisable branding. 

Teamwork Analytics Automation

Drive compliance and best practices through automated messages to users, either via email or directly in Microsoft Teams.

Governance and adoption automation reports include:

  • Teams ownership – Confirm how many owners per team. 

  • Guest report – Remind owners which teams have guests in and the information they have access to. 

  • Inactive team – If a team hasn’t been used in a specified amount of time, notify owners to archive or delete it.

  • Deleted team – Notify all owners and/or members if a team has been deleted.

  • Consider calibrating reminder. 

  • @mention reminder. 

  • Personal report on teams usage. 

  • Use Teams reminder – For Skype for Business users, this is useful for Islands mode.  

Teamwork Analytics Teams Usage and Governance Reporting

Teamwork Analytics usage and adoption reports provide detailed information on who is using Microsoft Teams and how they are using it. The results are actionable recommendations that encourage user adoption and deliver cultural change. 

Usage and governance reports include:

  • Licensed users vs activity .

  • Best practices and use cases by team. 

  • Teams activity and adoption by group.

  • Reports by country, city, office, department, domain and adoption group.

  • Reports filtered by up to 10 Active Directory attributes.

  • Teams champions .

  • Per-user functionality report. 

  • Weekly and monthly trends .

  • Inactive users. 

  • Governance reporter. 

  • Public, private and hidden teams. 

  • Team owners. 

  • Inactive teams. 

  • Unowned teams. 

  • Guest access and activity. 

  • Guest access in public teams. 

  • Roadmap- DPL and sensitivity labelling.

  • Team activity overview.

  • Per-user team activity.

Teamwork Analytics: Key Benefits

Full Governance

Central management of all Microsoft Teams activity, allowing the removal of unused teams to prevent sprawl.

Ease of Deployment

Designed as an out-the-box product, Teamwork Analytics is quick and easy to implement.

Total Transparency

Understand usage, identify  issues and benefit from actionable recommendations to get the most out of Microsoft Teams.

Complete Security

Data is collected from Microsoft Graphs API and stored in Microsoft Azure.

Return on Investment

Identify, implement and measure collaboration improvement initiatives.

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