Secure by Design

Redefine your approach to security

In today’s rapidly evolving security climate, every business should embrace a zero-trust approach. Under this philosophy, no device, user, or application attempting to interact with your architecture can be considered secure or trusted.

With a wealth of experience, Modality Systems has created a unique Secure by Design architecture that achieves robust security and compliance across your Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 platforms. Built intrinsically into everything we do, Secure by Design ensures that security is at the forefront of every product and process, giving you complete confidence that your business is in safe hands, so you can get on with the day job.

Secure by Design provides:


Defend data, assets, apps and services using a multi-layered security approach to remove risk and exposure to threats.


Segregate workstreams, users, roles and data for greater visibility and control of what is happening across platforms.


Management is baked into the design for complete transparency.


A robust approach with zero-trust architecture layered across Microsoft Azure and 365 platforms.

Why Secure by Design?

  • Safe landing zones for every workload.
  • Increased visibility and control of what users are doing.
  • Greater flexibility and control with granular monitoring.
  • Increased cost savings due to built-in security features.
  • Native Hybrid Managed Services.

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